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What is your role at Milton Rowland and Associates?

I started at Milton Rowland and Associates in 2006 and I have been very lucky to be involved in a wide range of different projects. My role in the office is to facilitate a project in any way needed, whether that is in the design phase, permitting, or creating construction documents.

What is your design process?

Every project starts with listening to the goals of the client. From there, I study the existing conditions, whether that is in regards to zoning regulations, building code concerns, and/or local context. It is important to have a clear understanding of the goals and limitations before starting the design.

The design work itself is all about problem solving. We all want the perfect house, kitchen, master suite, etc and the “problem” is how you get there. Sometimes the design is obvious but more often you’re balancing trade offs. Being creative and the willingness to rethink a typical design route makes the problem solving process exciting.      

What makes for a great project?

A great project always starts with great clients. When you have open communication, a shared understanding of what the goals are, and an openness to explore different ideas, the project really comes together. It is always special when you visit an old client in their house years later and get to see that the design is working for them just like we had planned.

Who are you outside the office?

Most of my time outside the office is spent with my family. My wife, Jaclyn, is a social worker in the Nantucket school system and we have two young kids, Abigale and Gabriel. Nantucket is obviously a great place to enjoy water sports so surfing, sailing and fishing are always top on my list. Most recently, I built a vegetable garden at my house. The garden has been a big education for me and the kids, plus it’s a great source of fresh food.